• Stella

    Hi! My name is Stella and I’m still learning how to be a therapy dog. I was born May 17th 2021 and I’m a pretty smart (and stubborn) Taurus. I am an English Cream Golden Retriever, and my mom says I’m a really good girl. Almost all of the time. I like to lay next to feet, make smiles, and I’m learning how to calm down hoomans if they get upset. Mom says we’re going to go to something called school to specialize in PTSD, but I don’t know what that means yet. If they have treats there, I know I’ll love it.

    When I’m not at work with Mom, I love swimming, playing ball, chewing on lots of things (especially yummy socks), and digging – but Mom keeps telling me not to do that so I don’t get to do that very often. I love my blankie, my sister, and riding in the car. But I really love getting hugs, being petted by hoomans, and making them smile – that’s the best of all. I promise to be good if you come and sit with me!
    Thank you!!