• Open Positions

    How have the last 2+ years been for YOU? Yep, they’ve sucked for just about all of us too! Are you struggling with finding your “happy” or what’s “normal” now? Have you been through some pretty tough stuff and it’s sticking with you, no matter what? Does it feel like you are “existing” and not really “living”? Have you tried to feel better and it’s just not working?

    Shaffer Professional Services (SPS), a Moose Lake-based counseling practice, is growing and we’re looking for 2 amazing professionals to join our team! SPS is a practice that offers outpatient mental health services statewide throughout both Minnesota and Wisconsin. We offer services both in-person and virtually, treating individuals with a person-centered, Trauma-informed focus.

    Job Description: Office Manager

    Shaffer Professional Services, Moose Lake-based counseling practice


    Our busy office sees clients by appointment only, so we have a secure and safe workplace setting. Primary responsibilities for this position will include:

    • Answering our phone, gathering information from potential clients
    • Maintaining client confidentiality; we are located in a small, close-knit community so privacy is paramount!
    • Interacting with clients, both in-person and on the phone
    • Communicating with insurance panels regarding pre-authorization and claims processing
    • Providing administrative support to the clinicians, (i.e., faxing, copying, billing)
    • Occasionally playing with our therapy dog, Stella
    • Knowledge of and commitment to confidentiality and state/federal privacy laws
    • Maintaining office financials via Quickbooks and billing/payments through our electronic health record system (SimplePractice)
    • Preparing payroll for submission
    • The ability to have fun and integrate work, home, and fun into a blended harmony. We are insistent on self-care/preventing burnout and enjoy having a relaxed work environment where laughter, treats, and dog kisses are common occurrences!

    Specific hours are flexible, within a Monday-Friday scheduling timeframe, with an ideal commitment of 15-30 hours per week. If the perfect candidate has experience in medical billing, there is an option of some remote work hours.

    Pay is dependent upon experience but will be within the $18-25 range per hour with the option of increase(s) after a successful first 6 months, and annually thereafter. This position could be either an Independent Contractor (1099) or a W-2 employee.

    If any of this fits you, please email your resume/CV to Shelley Shaffer at shelley@shafferprofessionalservices.com. Tell us how you’d love to join our family!


    Job Description: Clinician

    Shaffer Professional Services, Moose Lake-based counseling practice


    Are you a mental health clinician with a master’s degree or above, clear boundaries and ethics, and a desire to feel valued as an individual and not just as a number? You may be currently working in a position where you aren’t feeling heard, valued, and if you haven’t felt “burned out” yet, you’re THISCLOSE?

    Are you wanting to choose who you work with? When you work? And, where you work from? Would you like to enjoy coming to work? Do you remember the last time you felt that way? Well, we just might be the fit for YOU! Our practice is growing and is looking for a full-time (20+ clients per week) provider to join our family.

    Ideal candidates possess:

    • Independent licensure for their state (i.e., LPC/LPCC, LICSW, LMFT, LP) or are license-eligible, as we have Board-Approved Supervisors for LPC/LPCC for MN and LICSW candidates for MN and WI. Although we are based in Moose Lake, MN, we are looking for the perfect fit for our “family” and will consider non-MN licenses as well as this position can be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of both.
    • An ability to work independently and abide by State/Federal guidelines for documentation and confidentiality
    • A strong commitment to continued growth, both professionally and personally

    About the position:

    • We provide credentialing, billing, marketing, electronic health record (SimplePractice), and administrative support services. Yes, you just “show up, see your clients, and do the notes”!
    • You choose your schedule! Want to work around family activities? Want to work when the fish aren’t biting? Want to work a few days with longer time off? Perfect! You want to work afternoons, evenings, or weekends? Even better, as those are times that are in high demand! (But you do NOT have to choose these hours!!)
    • Full-time is 24+ client hours per week. We do not support a schedule/caseload that contributes to burnout. We strongly believe that you are your first client; if you are not practicing self-care, you won’t have the “spoons” to adequately care for others.
    • You choose your clientele. We will market specifically to those populations you’d like to see across from you and we forward all referrals for YOU to choose from! We do respectfully request that you have, at a minimum, an understanding and commitment to providing Trauma-informed care, as our practice believes that healing only occurs in safe spaces
    • This could be either an Independent Contractor (1099) or a W2 employee position.
    • Pay is dependent on experience, but a 1099 position would receive approximately 60/40 split (you receive 60% of payments received with 40% going to the practice to cover overhead of administrative support, electronic health record, etc.) or a salary range of $30-50 per clinical hour if a W2 position. There are options for increase(s) after a successful first six months and annually thereafter.

    About the practice:

    • Shaffer Professional Services shafferprofessionalservices.com (SPS) is a female-owned, group private mental health agency. We are based in Moose Lake, MN in a secured office, with clients seen by appointment only. You can feel safe in-office, as we believe that growth only happens when people feel safe and secure. All who enter are treated with professionalism
    • SPS is paneled with most insurance panels and accepts Medicaid/Medicare. We encourage clinicians to panel with Open Path Collective, an affordable option for uninsured/underinsured/high-deductible individuals to have lifetime access to quality mental health care. We also have clients who choose to be private-pay and not involve their insurance company in their treatment/care
    • SPS has providers who practice Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) with specific niches of Law Enforcement/Corrections/Military/First Responders; Posttraumatic Stress (it’s not a “disorder” to have a human response to Traumatic experiences!); Anxiety/Depression; Senior care; Attachment/Adoption; Co-occurring Disorders (mental health and substance use); Severe Mental Illness; Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT); and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).
    • We currently do not have a clinician who specializes in children, tweens, or teens so if this is a population you enjoy, you’re highly encouraged to apply!

    If any of this resonates with you, please email your resume/CV to Shelley Shaffer at shelley@shafferprofessionalservices.com. Tell us about you and how you’d like to not only like working again, but also how you’d like to become your own boss, have financial security, and not have to deal with the headache of running the business end of it all! I’d love to learn more about you and who you’d love to see as your “ideal client”!